i have a problem with my update data coordinates form leaflet popup. i just want to make edit form inside leaflet popup. if i click marker in a map it shown coordinate with input form, if the building is move i just adjust coordinate with input form and submit it to a database. but, that's the problem when i click on update button it shown no response. here the script i used:

var Sekolah = L.geoJson.ajax("template/lokasi/lokasi.php", {
    pointToLayer: function (feature, latlng) {
      return L.marker(latlng, {
        icon: marker,
        title: feature.properties.sekolah,
        riseOnHover: true
    onEachFeature: function (feature, layer) {
        var bujur = "<input type='text' class='form-control' name='bujur' id='bujur' value="+layer.feature.geometry.coordinates[0]+">";
        var lintang = "<input type='text' class='form-control' name='lintang' id='lintang' value="+layer.feature.geometry.coordinates[1]+">";
        var context = "<div class='form-horizontal form-lokasi'><div class='inp'><label>Bujur</label>"+bujur+"</div>&nbsp;"+
                        "<div class='inp'><label>Lintang</label>"+lintang+"</div></div>"+
                        "<button class='btn btn-warning lok' id='edit_lok' value="+layer.feature.properties.id_lokasi+"><span class='glyphicon glyphicon-pencil'></span></button>"+
                        "<button class='btn btn-danger lok' id='hapus_lok' value="+layer.feature.properties.id_lokasi+"><span class='glyphicon glyphicon-trash'></span></button>";

        layer.bindPopup(context, {
            maxWidth: 350

$('#edit_lok').on('click', function(){
    var id = $(this).val();
    var buj = $('#bujur').val();
    var lin = $('#lintang').val();

    var data = "&id="+id+"&bujur="+buj+"&lintang="+lin;

        url: 'template/lokasi/proses.php',
        type: 'post',
        data: data
    .done(function(msg) {
    .fail(function() {

i can't find any error in my script. hope there is an answer

  • is the DB updated? does your onclick event fire? if you expect the map to be updated with the new coordinates, do you reload the layer from DB? one more thing: although it's leaflet, there's no clear spatial component, making this question off-topic for GIS SE... – ThingumaBob Jun 5 '18 at 11:44

Here is an example of it working from a div not a popup. http://www.gistechsolutions.com/leaflet/DEMO/phpDemo/update.html the points are dragable, and you can see the coordinates change when you stop dragging it. Hitting save writes the data back using PHP to a mysql database.

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