I am looking for the easiest way to programmatically clip a raster to a rectangular extent for testing purposes. I have GDAL and Python installed on a virtual machine and would like to run the code from Jupyter (python/command line) or command line directly. I do not have a polygon with the extent yet. I am not looking for answers that involve QGIS/ ArcGIS or some other GUI.

I found this resource but I was hoping for something more succinct like:

some-command inputraster.tif outputraster.tif -extent [lower left corner, upper right corner]


  1. Create polygon
  2. Clip using polygon

I am pretty sure there must be some gdal command out there.


I think you can do what you want using gdalwarp and the -te option.

-te xmin ymin xmax ymax:

set georeferenced extents of output file to be created (in target SRS by default, or in the SRS specified with -te_srs)

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