is there a way to use/transform from the custom grid in this WMTS Capabilities to the osm grid to use the wmts with leaflet ?

I'm using the leaflet-tilelayer-wmts plugin and i cannot display any tile from the wmts linked above due to other tilenames and grid. Both my map and my requests are in EPSG:3857.

var ortho = L.tileLayer.wmts('https://geodienste.sachsen.de/wmts_geosn_dop-rgb/guest?', {
    layer: 'sn_dop_020',
    style: 'default',
    format: "image/png",
    tilematrixSet: 'grid_3857',

  • What I can see inside the XML file, that it supports EPSG:31468, EPSG:25833, EPSG:4326 and the grid that you need EPSG:3857. I would probably refer you to this article Using Leaflet with WMTS server?. – Taras Jun 5 '18 at 12:49
  • Im already using this leaflet plugin but its not creating the correct queries --> wrong zoom level, tilerow and tilecolumn – Trevirius Jun 5 '18 at 13:22

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