I have created a database in PostgreSQL, spatially enabled it, and now I need to connect it with ArcGIS (we use only ArcGIS products here on my university), everything on localhost, I've tried everything I could find here on stackexchange and on the ESRI support forums, nothing seems to work, I'm a little desperate

Here, I will describe my entire situation and the solutions I've tried:

  • I used to have a 64bit PG instalation on my 64bit machine, reinstalled both Postgre and PostGIS and recreated a database on 32 bit according to ESRI support forums, nothing changed.
  • I use 10.5 ArcGIS Desktop, so, it comes with the driver (client files) for Postgre with it according to another post here in stackexchange, didn't work, I've also tried to replace those 5 .dll's files from PostgreSQL folder in the ArcGIS\bin folder, nothing changed.
  • When I had a 64bit installation I have also tried to copy the "C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.5\DatabaseSupport\PostgreSQL\9.5\Windows64" files to my PostgreSQL folder, when 32bit I did not, first because the last version there is 9.5 and my PG is 10.4 and then because it seemed like those files were for 64bit (the Windows64 at the folder's name)

  • I have changed the pg_hba.conf to accept any connection as above

    IPv4 local connections: host all all md5

  • The postgresql.conf file is set to listen to any connection (at least I think so), configuration is set as follows

    listen_addresses = '*'

  • Just to note, anytime I did any alteration on the conf files I had the postgresql service restarted

  • I can connect with pgAdmin and QGIS locally and remotely JUST FINE (frustating how fine it is)

Here I'll have you some prints of my sad situation

That's how my pgAdmin looks when showing the properties of my connection

That's how my pgAdmin looks when showing the properties of my connection

Now, on ArcCatalog, when I try Database Connection and try to open the droplist of databases

enter image description here

And if I'm stubborn enough and try to manually set the database name

enter image description here

And then, it won't connect either.

  • looks like space in instance. try ip,5432 – Mapperz Jun 5 '18 at 14:23
  • Also nothing, did with the space in sance following another post here. Apparently, it does not make a diference. – Victor Marotta Jun 5 '18 at 14:28
  • ArcGIS has been 64-bit only since 10.1; you should not ever use a 32-bit server for ArcGIS use (any Forum that recommended that would be a decade old, and not be relevant for PostgreSQL use). You cannot replace the the PG libraries and expect ArcGIS to be supported with ANY server. PostgreSQL 10.x is not yet supported by Esri. The highest geodatabase support for a 10.5 client is PG 9.5 (10.6 supports 9.6). You should not ever connect as the postgres user from an ArcGIS Database Connection interface. – Vince Jun 5 '18 at 14:43

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