I've been working in the Argentine CRS of POSGAR (Specifically POSGAR 94/Argentina 2 EPSG:22182) frequently and have noticed on a number of occasions that coordinates are provided to me with the X coordinate being the north-south direction and the Y coordinate being the east-west direction. I was told this was due to the specification of POSGAR being with X-Y defined this way, but using ArcMap, QGIS, etc. all of the standard software seem to interpret X as East-West and Y as North-South.

Obviously, I can just reverse the coordinates and it's not a big deal, but I was curious about the heritage of this system. I was wondering if anyone could point me to any references or knew if POSGAR was originally defined with the X and Y reversed?

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If you look at spatialreference.org and OGC it is shown as a NE-axis projection, while epsg.io says its EN-axis.

So to check a definitive source goto the EPSG themselves and it says NE.

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