I've got 27 .DT2 files with ranges from -142 to 6,342. I created a new .GDB, added a mosaic dataset to it with 1 Band and 16-Bit Signed depth (as are the original .DT2 DEMs) and then ran the 'Add Rasters to Mosaic Dataset' tool with 'Build Pyramids', 'Build Thumbnails' and 'Calculate Statstics'.

When I originally ran the tool, the 'Value' of the updated mosaic stayed the same (−32,768 to 32,768), and all my tiles were solid grey, so I reran with the 'Calculate Statistics' and the values updated but to -14 to 311, which is very wrong.

Did I go wrong somewhere in my process?

  1. Create .GDB
  2. Add Mosaic Dataset to the .GDB (set depth to 16-Bit Signed and Bands to 1)
  3. Add .DT2 files to Mosaic Dataset via Add Rasters to Mosaic Dataset
  4. When running #3, select 'Build Pyramids', 'Build Thumbnails', 'Calculate Statistics'

I am running 'Data Management > Rasters > Raster Properties > Calculate Statistics' to see if somehow ArcGIS "cheated" to reduce computation time for some reason.

  • Are you using ArcGIS Pro or the earlier ArcGIS Desktop 10.x architecture? You have tagged both but your question does not seem to distinguish. – PolyGeo Jun 6 '18 at 21:01

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