I would like to create a marker line in which a font marker is placed within a dashed line space at equal intervals. Something like line-style-with-alternating-dots-and-long-dashes

c - c - c -

I can get this to somewhat work by creating a marker line with a custom dash pattern: Dash=10 Space=3 mm Then setting the font marker with a interval of 13mm and offset of 11.5 (midpoint of space).

The problem I have is that it appears that when the line become more complex there appears to be a misalignment of the dash space and marker offset

Example Marker Space Misalignment


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It seems you are using a lower case c, with a line offset (not to be confused with offset along line...) in order to align the c with the line. This offset breaks the alignment with the line when the line orientation changes.

All offsets, beside the one along line, are not offsets from the standard position per se, but are rather placed on a new line that received the desired offset. As a consequence, the line geometry is modified (the line length is affected) and the final marker location is not optimal.

Instead, you can use a capital C that has an alignment similar to the one on your image, no line offset and a smaller symbol size if you wish.

Issue with line offset:

enter image description here

Alternative solution without a line offset: enter image description here

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