I have File GeoDatabase raster image that is combined with multi-bands and I want to do classification (ISO unsupervised) in ENVI.

How can I open a FGDB raster in ENVI?


From the ENVI Help:

Connect to a File or Personal Geodatabase

Run ENVI in 32-bit mode from the Windows Start menu before performing these steps.

To create a new connection to a file or personal geodatabase:

  1. From the Remote Connection Manager dialog menu bar, select one of the following:

    • Connection > Add File Geodatabase. The Add File Geodatabase dialog appears.
    • Connection > Add Personal Geodatabase. The Add Personal Geodatabase dialog appears.
  2. Enter a Catalog Path, or click the Browse button to browse to look for a geodatabase. An example of the catalog path format is provided in the dialog.

  3. Click OK. The list of available folders and datasets appear in the left panel of the Remote Connection Manager dialog.
  4. Navigate to a dataset and select it. The properties for the selected dataset appear in the right panel of the dialog. You cannot edit the properties for a file or personal geodatabase. See Geodatabases for additional details.
  5. Click Open Dataset to open the dataset in ENVI. Depending on your display preferences, the dataset may automatically display in the Image window and appear in the Layer Manager. If it does not automatically display, you can drag-and-drop remote dataset layers from the Layer Manager to the Image window or to multiple views.

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