I would like use something like the "US Address - One Range"(Commonly used locator styles) where there is a from address and to address. However it requires side of street information and my range of addresses are in a single field.

My reference data looks like this:

|     Field      |  Value  |
| Shape          | Polygon |
| Street_Number  | 45-55   |
| Street_Name    | Foo     |

So overall I would like to Geocode multiple addresses to a single point by creating a Address Locator that takes a range of house numbers.

I have looked at this Customizing ArcGIS 10 locators (An Esri Geocoding Technical Paper)

It looks promising but much more complicated than what I am looking for. Is this the only way to Geocode my reference data?


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I ended up generating the missing points in the range. (45-55 becomes 45,46,47,..,55) with all the points in the range stacked on top of each other using this script.

import arcpy
import os

def main():
    arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True
    InFC = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0)
    OutFC = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(1)

    Folder = os.path.dirname(OutFC)
    Name   = os.path.basename(OutFC)

    desc = arcpy.Describe(InFC)
    SR   = desc.spatialReference

    if arcpy.Exists(OutFC):
        arcpy.CreateFeatureclass_management(Folder, Name,"POINT", template = 
InFC, spatial_reference = SR)

    fillHouseNumberRange(InFC, OutFC)

def fillHouseNumberRange(InFeat, OutFeat):
    in_fields = ["SHAPE@", "Street_Number", "Street_Name"]
    out_fields = ["SHAPE@XY", "Street_Number", "Street_Name"]
    with arcpy.da.InsertCursor(OutFeat, out_fields) as iCur, \
            arcpy.da.SearchCursor(InFeat,in_fields) as sCur:
        for sRow in sCur:
            cent = sRow[0].centroid
            st_nbr = sRow[1]
            fename = sRow[2]
            if len(st_nbr.split("-")) == 2:
                    st_range = st_nbr.split("-")
                    start = int(st_range[0])
                    end = int(st_range[1])
                    for i in range(start, end+1):
                        iCur.insertRow([(cent.X,cent.Y), str(i), fename])
                    iCur.insertRow([(cent.X,cent.Y), st_nbr, fename])
                iCur.insertRow([(cent.X,cent.Y), st_nbr, fename])

if __name__ == "__main__":

Then made an address locator with the "US Address - Single House" style with the new out features.

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