I am trying to create custom mbtile for Cesium consumption.

I was able to create a mbtiles file in QGIS (zoom 0 to 16) using the QTiles plug-in. I tested the generated mbtiles file using mbviewer from mapbox and it worked fine. mbviewer

node cli.js --port 9000 ~/tmp/starpeak_low_res.mbtiles Listening on http://localhost:9000

So to serve it to Cesium, I used mbtiles-server from npm to create a WMTS compatible server. Here is the link to the server mbtiles-server

So in Cesium, all I had to do is add a a new imagery provider:

var high_res = layers.addImageryProvider(new Cesium.WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider({
    url : '',
    layer : 'starpeak_low_res',
    style: 'default',
    format : 'image/jpeg',
    tileMatrixSetID : 'GoogleMapsCompatible',
    maximumLevel: 16

however, it takes a very very very long time for the images to load on Cesium but it's almost instant using mbviewer. The mbtiles file is 200 MB but I assume at different zoom levels only a portion of that file is fetched.

Just to make sure the issue is not with mbtiles-server, I downloaded the free low res sattelite mbtiles files from openmaptiles link here. link. That mbtiles file is served fine it's instant loading at different zoom levels.

for reference I uploaded the mbtiles file here. Credits to NAIP GEOTIFF from earthexplorer.usg.gov generated mbtiles file


Use XYZ Tile Server instead of WMTS. I use several different one's depending on the platform. You can also skip the tile server and upload folder of tiles to S3 Bucket or Standard Wed Server. http://someurl/Z/X/Y.png. https://github.com/naturalatlas/tilestrata or https://github.com/mojodna/tessera

  • Try an existing XYZ Tile server to see the performance. Use the Leaflet Providers to grab the URL of the Tile Servers leaflet-extras.github.io/leaflet-providers/preview for Example ESRI server.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/World_Imagery/…{z}/{y}/{x}.png or one of my favorite tile.stamen.com/terrain{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg – Geospatial Engineer Jun 8 '18 at 20:19
  • Connect to XYZ tile Server via URL Template Imagery Provider cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Build/Documentation/… – Geospatial Engineer Jun 8 '18 at 20:21
  • Why NOT use Terriajs instead of Cesium. It's easy to add layers via a JSON catalog file. It's based on Cesium – Geospatial Engineer Jun 8 '18 at 20:21
  • ok I will try it with XYZ tile servers, but I wanted to use mbtiles to ease uploading of areas for users. Also I need to host it offline so cannot do S3. I looked at TerriaJS and it seems like it supports vector tiling which I think Cesium doesn't support. I will try that as well. – ArmenB Jun 8 '18 at 20:41
  • Cesium and Terriajs ARE NOT offline Mapping Engines for Mobile Apps. They require a WebServer to run and a Tile Server to serve the MBTILES. You could build that as part of a mobile app webview. But you'd be better off selecting an OpenGL Powered Native Solution like WhirlyGlobe/Maply or MapBox GL Native or Mapbox GL React Native – Geospatial Engineer Jun 12 '18 at 20:49

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