I was trying to explore the Annotations and Labelling for features. I wanted a transmedia feature class would show the name of it when added in the map. Here is what I did in the code.

            IMxDocument mxdoc = _application.Document as IMxDocument;
            IMap map = mxdoc.FocusMap;
            IEnumLayer layers = map.Layers;
            ILayer layer = layers.Next();
            IFeatureLayer2 statesFL = null;
            while (layer != null)
                if (layer is IFeatureLayer2 && layer.Name == "NE.TRANSMEDIA")
                    statesFL = layer as IFeatureLayer2;
                layer = layers.Next();
            if (statesFL == null)
            IGeoFeatureLayer geoFeatureL = statesFL as IGeoFeatureLayer;
            IAnnotateLayerPropertiesCollection annotateLPC = geoFeatureL.AnnotationProperties;
            string name = statesFL.DisplayField.ToString();

            IAnnotateLayerProperties annotateLP = new LabelEngineLayerPropertiesClass();
            IAnnotateLayerProperties annotateLP2 = new LabelEngineLayerPropertiesClass();
            annotateLP.Class = "LowerScale";
            annotateLP.AnnotationMaximumScale = 1000;
            annotateLP.AnnotationMinimumScale = 10000;
            annotateLP2.Class = "HigherScale";
            annotateLP2.AnnotationMaximumScale = 1000;
            annotateLP2.AnnotationMinimumScale = 10000;

            ILabelEngineLayerProperties2 labelELP1 = annotateLP as ILabelEngineLayerProperties2;
            ILabelEngineLayerProperties2 labelELP2 = annotateLP2 as ILabelEngineLayerProperties2;
            labelELP1.Expression = string.Format("\"Transmedia Name: \" + [name] ");
            labelELP2.Expression = "";

It did not executed properly when I try to run it gives me the error message for High Scale. Can anyone please help.

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