At work we have a GIS solution platform with 50+ GB of data in a Postgres cluster. Almost all tables have spatial columns. We have several clients consuming this information for different needs.

I'm looking for the best mobile solution for field data collection and visualization.

There is an old question about this, but since it is 4 years old, probably a lot of things had changed. Open Source equivalent to Collector for ArcGIS to use with QGIS/PostGIS?

To summarize, the main requirements are: - Mobile app (Android mandatory, iOS non-mandatory) - Base maps (OSM, Google, Bing, etc) - View OGC mapping data (WMS, WFS, etc) - View forms with specific information of every layer - Capable of adding new geometries (point, polygon, polyline) to a layer, and adding specific alphanumeric data using an associated dynamic form. This data can hit an WFS-T service - Work offline. That includes basemaps (like a local tile cache), and vector data - If some data was collected offline, it need to sync that data with the service/database

And in top of that, some clients have very specific requirements for their mobile apps. For instance, to some of them, the normal data collection app is enough, but maybe another client have a procedure in the field that requires special features. So, the possibility of development is really welcome, may be via an SDK or something similar.

What are the actual alternatives to accomplish this?

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