I'm an absolute GIS beginner and here is what i am trying to achieve. I am developing a web application that allows users to :

  1. type an address, and be displayed the corresponding slipping map
  2. select a point on this map, and create a marker with custom info
  3. this marker and associated info will be stored in a database
  4. every user requesting an address will be presented a slipping map, showing all the markers other users have defined.

So far, i have learnt how to get lat/lon from an address, using nominatim, and display a map via openlayers. I think i know how to store markers in a database, but i don't have a clue how to display an openlayers slipping map, with my markers (several thousands) applied on it ? Is it possible without installing my own mapserver/geoserver ? Thanks for your hints.


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Actually, i found here how to display my markers from a kml file. And generating my kml file from a database shouldn't be too hard.

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