I am trying to run GRASS GIS 7.4.0 in Spyder (Python 2.7) - Windows 10

The simple code I am trying to run is as follows:

import os
import sys

GISBASE = os.environ['GISBASE'] = 'C:\\Program Files\\GRASS GIS 7.4.0' 
GRASS_PYTHON = os.environ['GRASS_PYTHON'] = 
PYTHONHOME = os.environ['PYTHONHOME'] = os.path.join(GISBASE,'Python27')

os.environ['PATH']+=os.pathsep +os.path.join(GISBASE,'extrabin')
os.environ['PATH']+=os.pathsep +os.path.join(GISBASE,'bin')
os.environ['PATH']+=os.pathsep +os.path.join(GISBASE,'lib')
LD_LIBRARY_PATH= os.environ['LD_LIBRARY_PATH'] = os.path.join(GISBASE,'lib')

gisdb = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser("~"), "grassdata")
location = "reservoir"
mapset = "PERMANENT"

grass_pydir = os.path.join(GISBASE, "etc", "python")

import grass.script as gscript
import grass.script.setup as gsetup

rcfile = gsetup.init(GISBASE, gisdb, location, mapset)

gscript.run_command('r.in.gdal', input = file_path1, output = 'Hydroshed')
# gscript.run_command('g.region', raster = file_path1)

I am unable to run any gdal related commands as I get the following error:

Error 1

Error 2

EDIT: The first error was fixed by changing the names of all "sqlite.dll" files on my system. On the other hand, I could not locate any "spatialite.dll" files that could clash with my current "spatialite.dll" file.

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