I am trying to create a plugin that has a QgsMapCanvas of itself. The question is that I can't seem to find the appropriate library to use polygon select feature in the QgsMapCanvas. I know that iface has actionSelect().trigger() function to implement the required but that allows selection only over the QGIS window and not on the plugin's map canvas.


Found a workaround to it. To implement iface.actionSelect().trigger() map tool in QgsMapCanvas, I created a class to initialize QgsMapToolIdentifyFigure

from qgis.gui import QgsMapCanvas,QgsMapToolIdentifyFeature
class initLayerFeatureSelectionTool(QgsMapToolIdentifyFeature):
    def __init__(self, canvas):
        self.canvas = canvas
        QgsMapToolIdentifyFeature.__init__(self, self.canvas)
    def keyPressEvent( self, e ):
        pass # disable escape key event to prevent loosing maptool
mapCanvas=QgsMapCanvas() # initialize map canvas
selectLayerFeatureSelectTool=initLayerSelectFeatureSelectionTool(mapCanvas) # initalize QgsMapToolIdentifyFeature
mapCanvas.setMapTool(selectLayerFeatureSelectTool) # set canvas map tool    

def loadCoordinatesInPlugin(feature):
    """ to allow multiple selection remove first line of this function"""
    VectorLayer.select(feature.id()) #select feature in vector layer
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