I am using qgis version 2.18.19.I want to join excel file with the attribute table of a shape file.My attribute table has 1 row and 4 column.Excel file table has 1 column and 8 rows.I have experience in joining excel file which include 8 column and 1 row.

Therefore I feel,If i can convert excel table of 8 rows 1 column in to a table of 8 column and 1 row withing the qgis,There is a chance to achieve my goal.So is this possible in qgis?

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According to a previous post Transpose attribute table in QGIS Composer?, this can't be done inside QGIS, but there is a good work around:

  • Save your table as a CSV file,Right-click the file and go to save as
  • in format choose Comma Separated Values (CSV)
  • open it in Excel.
  • use copy, Paste Special ->Transpose, in excel after (or before) you've filtered your data.

the first link provides some Pictures if you struggled...

  • Actually I am new to this site.Some time my question may be very primary question.But your answer really helpful.It helps me to think differently.thank you very much – Shanaka Herath Jun 22 '18 at 5:53

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