I used Rasterize (vector to raster). The result is shown below.

enter image description here

There is a bright yellow background around the map after I used Rasterize. I want to know how I can remove this. The value 0 can be given a whit colour, but I dont want to do that. So what can I do?

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You can convert the 0's to NoData using GDAL Translate (Raster -> Conversion -> Translate):

enter image description here


I found out that its another way to do this without creating a new layer. Choose transparency in layer properties. Under "No data value" there is a field called "Additional no data value", where zero is inserted. enter image description here


For the sake of putting another option on the table, you could clip the areas you don't want by using Raster > Extraction > Clip Raster by Mask Layer (using a temporary scratch layer containing a polygon around the area you want to keep).

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