I am writing a script that converts dxf drawing to a shapefile. Using my script now I can create a shapefile. Attribute table of that shapefile is initially empty and it has only one row. In that attribute table, there is a column called "Req_No". I make Req_No column value in to 23 and try the following code and it works.

selection=vl.getFeatures(QgsFeatureRequest().setFilterExpression(' "Req_No"=23'))
for feat in selection:
  vl.changeAttributeValue(feat.id(),1, '45')
  vl.changeAttributeValue(feat.id(),2, 'H.M.P.jagath')

Now I want to do this automatically. If I further explain, I want attribute table to update while the shapefile is forming. But initially attribute table columns are all empty.

How should I change the above mentioned code when Req_No column is Null?

I am using QGIS version 2.18.9.

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    Please do not write your titles in ALL CAPS. – PolyGeo Jun 18 '18 at 10:21
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    Hi, it's hard to tell what exactly you want to do. Do you want to update an attribute value for all features where Req_No is 23? Or for all features which are there, regardless the Req_No attribute? I would recommend reading the pyqgis developer cookbook – Matthias Kuhn Jun 19 '18 at 14:58

The keyword for a value you refer to as 'empty' is NULL. Therefore the below should work to select all features where the Req_No field is empty

vl.getFeatures(QgsFeatureRequest().setFilterExpression(' "Req_No" IS NULL'))

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