I have multiple sites that are surrounded by a buffer. I also have a layer which corresponds to areas affected by changes. I am trying to filter out buffers that are not overlapped by the change geometry.

enter image description here

As you can see, the green buffer is not overlapped by the change layer, but the orange buffer is.

I want the result to be a layer like this: enter image description here

I will be working with possibly hundreds of buffers, so I cannot manually expect each one for overlaps.

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You can use "Select Attributes by location". Put the buffer layer as "Layer to select from" and the Polygon layer as "Additional layer".
Then right-click the buffer layer with selected features and "Save as..." (make sure you check "Save only selected features") the selected buffers in a new layer.

This, of course, is only feasible if all your buffers are in the same layer.

enter image description here

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