I have a set of lines in a table, I want to calculate the length of each line in kilometers and add is a new column in the table. How would I do this?

my table has been set up as

CREATE TABLE public.line (id integer Not Null, 
                          name VARCHAR (25), 
                          geom geometry (LineString, 27700));

when I try to calculate the distance of the line in km I get an error message saying only lon/lat coordinate systems are supported in geography. how do I fix this?

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You can add the column

ALTER mytable ADD COLUMN (roadlength real);

Then you use ST_LENGTH to update it. Here I will convert it to geography first to get the results in meters, then convert to km.

UPDATE mytable 
SET roadlength = ST_LENGTH(geom::geography) / 1000;

Since your projection unit is already in meters, ignoring any potential projection distortion, you can directly use the geometry.

UPDATE mytable 
SET roadlength = ST_LENGTH(geom) / 1000;

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