I have created a shapefile with approximately 300 feature of shapeType POINTZ. I can fill my attributs and define point. Here is my function that i call for each feature:

def upd_shp(fn, geo, attr):
    r = shapefile.Reader(fn)
    w = shapefile.Writer(r.shapeType)
    w.fields = list(r.fields)
    x = geo[1]
    y = geo[0]
    z = geo[2]
    w.point(x, y, z)

Then when i do ogrinfo -al myshp.shp i can see POINT (8.833808735269852 42.540690712189829) but there is not 'z' value. When i do ogrinfo -al example.shp which it's a shapefile made by my company i can see POINT (8.75044460305986 42.567946874150579 37.384099928078562).

I know my 'z' is in the shapefile but i don't understand why i can't see it with ogrinfo.

I searched and I found Creating and reading z values (coordinates) with pyshp? but it did not help me much.

I would like to know if i'm missing something?

  • Are you sure that you are creating the shapefile with a type of POINTZ (does ogrinfo report that)? You may need to include some of the code for that. – Evil Genius Jun 19 '18 at 14:32
  • Yes i'm sure, this is the code for the shapefile creation def first_shp(fn): ff = os.path.isfile(fn) if ff is False: ww = shapefile.Writer(shapeType=11) for x in attr_list_full: ww.field(x) ww.save(fn) and to be sure it's POINTZ : >>> import shapefile >>> r = shapefile.Reader('/myshp/attr_def.shp') >>> r.shapeType 11 – Bazinga Jun 19 '18 at 14:39

You need to set the shapeType when creating the point.

w.point(x,y,z, shapeType=shapefile.POINTZ)

Looking at the source, the shapeType parameter of point defaults to POINT:

def point(self, x, y, z=0, m=NODATA, shapeType=POINT):
    """Creates a point shape."""
    pointShape = Shape(shapeType)

The docs does also states that, although it's not exactly clear as it could be.

An optional z (elevation) and m (measure) value can be set if the shapeType is PointZ or PointM.

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