I installed ZOO Project using the package installer (x64-72). To add MapServer, I installed ms4w using the zip file (ran apache-install.bat) and added the zoo project application. I also added the mapserverAddress pointing to the mapserv.exe on Apache in main.cfg of ZOO Project (running on IIS).

When I execute HelloPy or any other service with "useMapserver = true" in the services configuration file, I get the following error

ZOO Kernel failed to process your request, receiving signal 11 = SIGSEGV

Also, in the dataPath directory, two files, a .data file and a .zip file are added. If I pass in a shapefile's zip for HelloPy, the .data file shows some unreadable content while the .zip contains a .cst file, which in turn only shows some character encoding (ISO ... ).

Can someone please help me with this issue?

EDIT: I found that a part of my issue was that I was not passing in a file that could be understood by GDAL. On making this change I can see that the .map file is generated along with the two files mentioned above. However, the SIGSEVG error still exists.

EDIT 2: If I pass a WMS result to MapServer (say image/jpeg, image/geotiff) a mapfile is generated along with the other 2 files but the SIGSEGV error persists. If I pass in image/geotiff8 instead, then the result is a link for a getmap request. However, this link does not show any result.

If WFS results are passed in instead, like a kml, then the result is a vector map instead of the desired raster. What should I do?


What eventually worked was configuring MapServer to work on IIS by following this link. Then passing in data which was of KML type worked - it returns a GetMap request using the new mapfile it generates (for WPS 1.0.0 only).

However, the zoo-error.txt still shows the error

Unable to access the DataSource as ZIP File

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