Problem with running i.nightlights.inter-calibration for the Elvidge (2014) model-coefficients.

Steps I have followed:

1.I have imported all the following layers individually:

g.list type=raster

F101992 F101993 F101994 F121994 F121995 F121996 F121997 F121998 F121999 F141997 F141998 F141999 F142000 F142001 F142002 F142003 F152000 F152001 F152002 F152003 F152004 F152005 F152006 F152007 F162004 F162005 F162006 F162007 F162008 F162009 F182010 F182011 F182012 (Tue Jun 19 12:29:21 2018) Command finished (0 sec)

  1. I have run the code on the dialog box of i.nightlights.intercalibration : enter image description here

  2. For Some reason after running the code I got the following error message: enter image description here

What could be possibly going wrong?



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