Using OGR in Python, I'd like to create some geometries within a DXF file, but not in the "0" layer, but in new ones.

I tried with:

import ogr, os, osr, sys
ds = ogr.GetDriverByName('DXF').CreateDataSource('output.dxf' )
myLayer = ds.CreateLayer('entities')
newFeature = ogr.Feature(feature_def = myLayer.GetLayerDefn())
newFeature.SetGeometryDirectly(ogr.CreateGeometryFromWkt( 'LINESTRING(0 0, 100 100)'))
myLayer.CreateFeature( newFeature )
ds = None

But I don't have any idea about how to continue and create new layers.

I tried also with

layers = ds.ExecuteSQL("INSERT INTO entities (Layer) VALUES ('Layer1')")

but it does not work.

  • Any suggestion?
  • Is it worth using another DXF+Python library?

Thank you very much.


'layer' is an attribute field. Add:

newFeature.SetField( myLayer.GetLayerDefn().GetFieldIndex("layer"), 'newlayer')

And the feature will appear on layer newlayer.

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