Is there a standard way of referring to a repeat-swath of a Sentinel-2 MSI acquisition? For example the swath shown in the figure below is repeated every 5 days. Single Swath of Sentinel-2 Satellite (Here it is further split in to component UTM Tile/units.)

For Landsat-8 there is an implicit repeat-swath identifier in the WRS-2 Orbital path number. I can't see a mention of such an identifier in the Sentinel-2 Handbook

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I got the following advice from the s2btx forum:

Sentinel-2 has Relative Orbits ... that provide the 10-day repeat cycle of the mission acquisition.... IN each Tile, the Relative Orbit can be deduced from the component RXXX in the filename, where XXX is a number between 001 and 143.

Furthermore, it turns out that XXX is in time rather than longitude order - that is why it doesn't increment in a simple manner as you go westward round the globe.

A KML(Keyhole Markup Language) file displaying the relative orbits is available here.

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