This is a follow up to a previous question on the creation of GRASS locations from a bash script.

Having successfully created a location, I would now like to create a new mapset within this location. The script looks like this:

# GRASS session variables
GRASSLOC="4326" # This is the EPSG code of the CRS used

# path to GRASS binaries and libraries:
export GISBASE=/usr/lib/grass74
export PATH=$PATH:$GISBASE/bin:$GISBASE/scripts

# Create GRASS database folder
mkdir -p "$GRASSDB"

# Create a new GRASS location
echo "==== Creating new GRASS location ===="
grass74 -c -e "epsg:$GRASSLOC" "$GRASSDB/$GRASSLOC"

echo "==== Creating new mapset ===="
grass74 -c -e "$GRASSDB/$GRASSLOC/$comparison"

It produces the following output:

$ sh comparison.sh 
==== Creating new GRASS location ====
Cleaning up temporary files...
Creating new GRASS GIS location/mapset...
Cleaning up temporary files...
==== Creating new mapset ====
Cleaning up temporary files...
Creating new GRASS GIS location/mapset...
ERROR: Failed to create new location. The location <4326> already exists.

Unlike what is described in the wiki, the -c argument always attempts to create a new location, and not just a mapset. How can I create just a mapset within an existing location?

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Your the $comparison doesn't have a value so it evaluates to nothing.

Thus your grass74 -c -e "$GRASSDB/$GRASSLOC/$comparison"

evaluates to

grass74 -c -e "$GRASSDB/$GRASSLOC/"

which already was made in the previous step.

To tell Bash to raise an error if expands an empty variable write in your top of your script

set -u

  • Blimey! That was a stupid mistake. Commented Jun 21, 2018 at 7:52

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