I have been toying around with TileCache, using mod_wsgi, Postgis, and Mapnik; however, I have run into two problems...

  1. I have gotten TileCache to serve tiles. However, these tiles are blank blue ocean tiles. There seems to be a problem with TileCache reading Mapnik's xml file.
    • I rendered the XML file by using carto of the style's mml file and converting it to the xml. When I use renderd to render these tiles using the xml, it works fine.
  2. TileCache is an old code base. The last time it was updated was 4 years ago and the documentation last updated 8 years ago.

So my questions here are:

First, has anyone run into this issue before using TileCache, and if so how did you fix it? Or any ideas on how to fix this issue of the blank tiles.

Second, are there any suitable replacements for TileCache? I am aware of Squid and am also aware of the other Tile Proxies, but they do not give me the request load that these options can handle. If any of these works better or there is a better caching system out there, PLEASE let me know.

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