I'm using Google Earth Engine for a article on my university, and I wanna get the evolution of water area of an water body of my region.

For that, I'm using NDVI on time series on GEE. I got the NDVI code, and I'm generating the image and a chart for NDVI.

But, my problem is, I dont know how to create a Area time series Chart in a geometry. Every time I try, got an error. Can anyone help me?


  • What error are you getting? – Fezter Jun 21 '18 at 22:48
  • I made a few attemtps, but I dont know how to transform my code of NDVI times series chart, on an Area times series chart. – Matheus Gonzaga Jun 21 '18 at 22:53
  • Actually, I want use the NDVI to calculate the Area. For example, I want a code that get an area of my geometry of every pixel which has less than 0,1 on NDVI. – Matheus Gonzaga Jun 21 '18 at 22:55
  • So you want a mask with NDVI>0.1 and then calculate the area of that? – Kersten Jun 22 '18 at 7:39
  • Actually, I want the mask with NDVI < 0, and then, calculate the area of everything inside my geometry on this parameter – Matheus Gonzaga Jun 22 '18 at 17:31

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