Polygon made from a raster extent does not display exactly the same as the raster in google earth pro.

Does anyone else have this problem?

 new_crs<-crs(dem_10)#get latlon
 r2<-projectRaster(r1, crs=new_crs)# project to latlon
 p <- as((extent(r2)), 'SpatialPolygons')# get extent polygon
 KML(r2, file="example_data.kml")# write raster to kml
 KML(p, file="example_data_extent.kml")#write polyogn to kml

raster extent polygon not matching raster extent


It looks like your original raster, r1, wasn't in lat-long (you don't tell us anything about it, so its a guess). When you project this into lat-long for r2, your original raster gets rotated slightly, and padded out with missing values (NA).

This makes the extent in lat-long not be the same as the extent in the original CRS - which is what you are seeing. The red box in the image is aligned to the lat-long axes, and you can see it touching the non-NA pixels at four points.

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