I'm trying to save an Image in QGIS Composer by polygon borders as seen in the right figure. But when I try to save it, I get a white rectangle box around my figure as seen in the left figure. Is there a way to save the figure like the right one?

enter image description here


In Print Composer, in the Element Properties of the map, uncheck Backgroundand Frame. Or, if the white polygon is a layer, set the rendering style to No Symbols.

  • Thank you for your quick response. It works when uncheck the 'background' box, but when I export it as an image by the buttons below, It still creates the squared box. What am I doing wrong here? ![enter image description here](i.stack.imgur.com/ObM5m.jpg) – tVaes Jun 23 '18 at 11:15
  • Can you post a screenshot of the exported image? – Cezar B Jun 24 '18 at 9:21

You need to disable the background color from Composition -> Page Background

enter image description here

  1. Click on Change
  2. Click on Simple Fill
  3. Choose Fill -> Transparent fill
  4. Export your image to PNG format because it supports transparent fill.

enter image description here

Here is the output on Gimp:

enter image description here

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