My question is as in the title. I'm struggling to find a way, how I could add a camera function in QFIELD in order to take pictures of features in field. I've seen one similar question here, but it's been left unanswered for more than a year now. As far as I know, this functionality does exist somehow.

Any tips?


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I figured it out finally. Thanks to Matthias Kuhn for assistance.

First one needs to create an attribute form ("Attachment", used to be "External resource") for a layer field in question. This will enable camera function once in Qfield. Open properties-dialog of your layer to accomplish this.

Attribute form-tab in properties dialog

Once you're working with Qfield, be thoughtful about saved paths of taken pictures: you have to choose between file paths and directory paths. In case you transfer manually your pictures from your mobile device to PC, your directories will change thus I myself chose to save file paths.

What I didn't yet find out was, how to save pictures directly to a server.

  • i look your solution but if you need update a object the picture is not possible, the attachment file its solution for new objetcs but for old objects take pictures is not possible? if the old objetc have picture its possible update but if dont have picture is not possible take one. Its a bug?? Nov 19, 2021 at 17:27

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