I have been looking for how to obtain a matrix of distances between points through a network with QGIS 3.0.3.

I have only found how to obtain a matrix of linear distances, that option is easy to find wiht the basic QGIS options. However, I can not find the way to extract the example I need: to produce a matrix of distances between points of one layer and others of another, through a linear vector, specifically, the distance of several sampling points to several reservoirs through the fluvial network.

I found it in ArcGIS, but I no longer have that program,

Would anyone know it in QGIS?


I can share my answer from this similar question.

For the task of obtaining network based distances in the form of distance matrices, you can use the plugin QNEAT3. It offers multiple processing algorithms that produce origin-destination matrices (OD-Matrix) as line layer, table or csv file out of the box. All algorithms rely on the dijkstra() method in the qgis.analysis module, therefore all costs are calculated on the basis of shortest paths and make use of C++ code for faster execution.

You can get more information about the plugin at the qgis plugin repository and at the plugins documentation.

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