I have this geometry key that looks like this from which I want to create a Geom object so something like this MultiPolygon(((-xx.73833882299999 yy.41161324700006, -xx.73826573899998 yy.41172750400005....)))

"geometry" : {
      "type" : "MultiPolygon",
      "coordinates" : [ [ [ [ -xx.73833882299999, yy.41161324700006 ], [ -xx.73826573899998, yy.41172750400005 ], [ -xx.73841407199996, yy.411798780000034 ], [ -xx.73847373299998, yy.411705506000033 ], [ -xx.73838981999995, yy.41166518500007 ], [ -xx.73840324199995, yy.411644202000044 ], [ -xx.73833882299999, yy.41161324700006 ], [ -xx.73833882299999, yy.41161324700006 ] ] ] ]

Is there a function in Python that helps to do that?


What you have is a geoJSON file. Assuming you want to convert this into a shapefile using python, perhaps this could help https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44049679/geojson-to-shapefile-using-python.

If you have access to ESRI software, there is a tool called json to features which may be of use to you as well.

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