Is there a PostGIS function for obtaining the WKT of an SRID in PostGIS?

By WKT, I mean the ones that can be uploaded to spatialreference.org.

I'm trying to create a new SRID/SRS by tweaking existing SRID/SRS. But couldn't find a way to obtain the WKT. Search results mostly show ST_AsText, which is for converting geometry/geography to WKT.


You should use this request to get the PostGIS WKT srid where srtext is the WKT you are looking for (you can compare it with http://spatialreference.org although nowadays I only use http://epsg.io, a more up to date version)

SELECT srid, auth_name, auth_srid, srtext AS wkt, proj4text
FROM public.spatial_ref_sys
WHERE srid = 2154;

PS: spatial_ref_sys structure/content is documented at https://postgis.net/docs/using_postgis_dbmanagement.html#spatial_ref_sys

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