I'm trying to add the current date into a label for use in a composer for colleagues to run on a daily basis. The label is currently;

Bins to be delivered: [% "Count" %]

All I need to add is the current date, but when I make the label this;

Bins to be delivered: [% "Count" %] as at $now()

nothing happens.

Do I need to enter something in the 2 end brackets to bring the date in? Or is it something else I need to do?

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Just tried it out, for me (QGis 2.18) format_date(now(),'dd.MM.yyyy') works.

/edit: You need to put the [% %] around your whole expression, then it should work, like: [%'Datum: ' || format_date(now(),'dd.MM.yyyy')%]

Note the pipes (||) between the parts of the expression, they are necessary.

/edit2: now() gives you the full date, incl. time, which is a bit much, isn't it?

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