If I use the photo widget in the default QGIS form images are not auto rotated according to their exif rotation. Is there a way to show rotated images?

enter image description here

The correct way to display the image according the the exif rotation would look like this:

enter image description here

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    Which qgis version? This should work correctly in 3.x – ndawson Jun 28 '18 at 20:18
  • @ndawson: It's 2.18.21. I just testet it in QGIS 3: there it works correctly. But we won't switch to QGIS 3.x in my company before QGIS 3.4 is out. Therefore I am looking for a way to show the images correctly rotated in QGIS 2.18.x. If it's not possible in QGIS core I will probably fork a plugin like github.com/KIOS-Research/ImportPhotos and implement the rotation. – markgraeflerland Jul 2 '18 at 6:43

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