I have a raster with null data. I want to create a mask for where ever I have values in my raster. (not null cells) When I use translate(convert format) in qgis (Raster-->conversion--> translate)to transfer the no data in the original file to 0, instead of changing nodata to 0, it is changing them to -999!

And when I use raster calculator and divide the raster by itself to create mask and then using translate to convert null data to 0, the tool convert the null values to 3.4028234663852886e+38. How I can fix this problem?

  • Your input raster has both values pixels and pixel with null value? – Cushen Jun 29 '18 at 7:31

I am making an assumption that:

  • Originally, NoData value of your raster layer was -999.
  • On Translate (convert format) window, you chose No Data option and set it to zero (0).

All 0 cells are now regarded as NoData cells in your new layer, while -999 cells became visible.

Your second raster calculation involved division by zero (i.e. current NoData), then QGIS returned maximum value for float (3.4E+38).

Having said that, what you are trying to do is change -999 to 0. You can do it by Raster calculator, but if it fails, consider using SAGA Reclassify values tool in the Processing Toolbox.


To create a raster layer with values wherever your input raster is not null, do the following in raster calculator:
You can also convert format using this process if that is why you were using translate before

(“RASTER_NAME” is not null ) = 1  

raster Calculator Mask not null

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