I would like to know what to do (step by step in simple words) and how to get data from www.planet.com

There is tutorial https://www.planet.com/docs/api-quickstart-examples/ but anyways I have problem..

So I have API key and Trial 14 days access to the platform. I tried to use Python command line to get satellite image that I chosed, but actually I am not good at Python at all and I don't know how to build request.

export PL_API_KEY=mykey (does not work either)

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    I would suggest contacting their support/sales people directly. They are very responsive. Having also signed up for the 14-day trial, there were quite a few items that do not work during that trial period as stated. One of them is daily imagery for maritime coverage. There is only a very small piece of California on dry land that they allow access to the "Daily" imagery and it has a 2-week delay during the trial period. I am only making the assumption that this might also be affected in some way, but I could be wrong. – MapHound Jun 29 '18 at 12:39
  • Python and the command line are not the same thing. That should be an environmental variable they want you to set – Stefano Potter Jun 29 '18 at 13:29
  • Thanks @StefanoPotter but actually it does not help. – AngelaG Jun 29 '18 at 14:01
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    @MapHound I found on their website that they check this page and search for the tag "planet" so I am trying, maybe they will see me here :) – AngelaG Jun 29 '18 at 14:02
  • I am using Anaconda3,how can i input the "export"(everytime when i input export in the command line,it shows that it's not valid ) – wang dayu Sep 3 '18 at 9:13

You will need to have python installed to install the planet command line tool. Open up a terminal window:

Step 1 - install planet command line tool:

pip install planet

Step 2 - export your API key:


Step 3 - download your image (for example a RapidEye visual product with the id "20160707_195146_1057917_RapidEye-1")

planet data download --item-type REOrthoTile --asset-type visual --string-in id 20160707_195146_1057917_RapidEye-1


I like to add the --verbose option which provides a little more feedback of what is going on:

planet --verbose data download --item-type REOrthoTile --asset-type visual --string-in id 20160707_195146_1057917_RapidEye-1

You can skip Step 2 and alternatively provide your API key in the command itself:

planet --api-key XXXXXX --verbose data download --item-type REOrthoTile --asset-type visual --string-in id 20160707_195146_1057917_RapidEye-1    

Quickstart is here: https://www.planet.com/docs/api-quickstart-examples/cli/

Restrictions because of the trial may apply, of course, as mentioned in the comments above.

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