I am using QGIS 3.2.0Bonn on a macOS High Sierra (10.15).

I am trying to do a simple procedure on QGIS for Mac, following a tutorial which was built for Windows (so it seems).

What I want to do is to perform spatial joins, following this very awesome tutorial page.

The problem is that the option "Take summary of intersecting features" is not available at the "Vector -> Data Mangement Tools -> Join attributes by location" dialog box on my QGIS version. This is how the option window looks like to me: enter image description here

I have seen similar question here. But both answers to this question referred to using the feature but did not explain how to "get it" or where to find it on QGIS for Mac.

Is there a solution to this feature on QGIS for Mac?

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Screenshots would certainly help. Since QGIS 3 includes many improvements and changes, any tutorial written for 2.x versions will be more or less off.

That said, there should be a Join Attributes by location (summary) tool in the Processing toolbox of QGIS 3.2:

enter image description here

Not the documentation stating that

"The algorithm calculates a statistical summary for the values from matching features in the second layer (e.g. maximum value, mean value, etc)."


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