I have 2 rasters of the same area, one has some null pixels and the other one doesn't and I would like to fill in the nulls in raster 1 by values from raster 2.

How to perform in raster calculator?


Before starting Raster calculator, there is an important first step.

(1) Uncheck Transparency - No data value

enter image description here

You will also note the actual value assigned as the No Data value. (above example is -99999).

(2) Start Raster calculator and try something like:

("Raster_a@1" = -99999) * "Raster_b@1" + ("Raster_a@1" != -99999) * "Raster_a@1"

enter image description here


r.patch from GRASS GIS commands is a safe way to do this. See the manual, they have nice example with NULL values there.


  • GRASS GIS 7 commands must be activated (should be by default): Processing > Options > Providers > GRASS GIS 7 > Activate
  • Find command in QGIS: Processing > Toolbox > r.patch

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