I have a shapefile with a "id" field in which some non-unique ID numbers exist (don't ask).

When I try to import this to a PostGIS database using QGIS' DB Manager, it tries to re-use those IDs are unique primary key and fails.

The "Primary key" option is not ticked. "id" is shown in grey next to it. screenshot

How can I make DB Manager ignore an existing "id" column and just create a new SERIAL field or something like that?

QGIS 2.18.

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Possibility 1: Delete the "id" field in the data you want to import before

Possibility 2: Define a new Primary Key: Tick the "Primary key" option and name it like "gid" or "fid" or whatever and after that delete the original "id" with double entries (or not).

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    The dialog does not make it clear at all that the Primary Key option allows the user to name the column that QGIS will *create. I assumed this was selecting a column from the data-to-be-uploaded. Thanks! Jul 3, 2018 at 13:12

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