EDIT: The MSSQL server version is 12.0.4522, the datatypes used are Geometry. I am not sure if it is topologically valid.

I originally had the same issue described and solved here, Spatialite view appears 'filtered' in attribute table, won't load in canvas

The attribute table was originally showing 'Filtered:1' out of nearly 10,000 entries. Now after making a simple SELECT * FROM MyTable query, I now have the attribute table populated with more than one entry however it still showing 'Filtered: 2041'.

enter image description here

It is confusing because all the entries show up on the mapping interface even when just one item was shown as filtered. Does anyone have a solution? Unfortunately, using a different database is not possible and i cannot modify the tables as the database is used by a proprietary system.

  • Welcome to GIS SE. As a new user, please take the Tour. Please Edit the question to specify the exact database version and whether you are using Geometry or Geography datatype. You should also verify that your geometric data is topologically valid. – Vince Jul 3 '18 at 13:05

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