I'm currently storing geographic locations as data type geography in my MSSQL database and performing radius queries against it without issue.

Is it possible to query against it using a polygon bounding box of points so that the results returned fit within the bounding box?


You should be able to do this with the EnvelopeAggregate function. I only tested using geometry data type, but let me know if this works for geography too...

Here is the SQL syntax for selecting a group of points and intersecting them against the bounding box of another set of points:


WITH cte_pts
AS (
    SELECT *
    FROM points_table 
    , cte_box
AS (
    SELECT geometry::EnvelopeAggregate(pb.geom) AS geom
    FROM points_for_box AS pb
    WHERE pb.column = 'value'

FROM cte_pts AS p
JOIN cte_box AS b
    ON p.geom.STIntersects(b.geom) = 1
  • Should be noted that with Geography there is not a bounding box returned from EnvelopeAggregate, but rather a bounding object made of circular arcs. Try SELECT Geography::EnvelopeAggregate(G) FROM (VALUES(Geography::Point(1,1,4326)),(Geography::Point(-1,-1,4326)),(Geography::Point(-2,1.5,4326)))G(G) UNION ALL SELECT G.STBuffer(10000) FROM (VALUES(Geography::Point(1,1,4326)),(Geography::Point(-1,-1,4326)),(Geography::Point(-2,1.5,4326)))G(G) and have a look at the spatial pane – MickyT Jul 3 '18 at 23:20

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