I have a table with ~15K records consisting in points with a 200m buffer and I need to investigate how many of them are in proximity of polygons contained in another table (~20K).

I wrote a function (really simple one) which uses a record variable (rowgeo) and then uses ST_Overlaps like this:

FROM pi a
WHERE ST_Overlaps(a.geom, rowgeo.buffer) INTO var 

well, the function is dramatically slow... it's running since yesterday morning. Both tables have a gist index on geometry column.

Any hints?


You don't need to buffer points before comparing.
Use ST_Dwithin and a JOIN:

SELECT table1.gid
FROM table1
JOIN table2
ON ST_DWithin(table1.geom,table2.geom,200);

Make sure, that both geom fields are in same SRID.
The distance value must be in the unit of the SRID.

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