I would like to extend a vector grid of 1x1 km to a neighborouring area. The best option for me would be to simply modify the existing layer

vector grid and new area to be added

This grid has been first made in ArcGIS, but I use QGIS so I've just saved a new version under QGIS. I have managed to create a grid encompassing the 2 areas but the size of the cells is slightly different and that's a problem for my analysis. It's impossible to get the exact same size, since I'm using as CRS EPSG:4326 for which map units are in degrees (I can't change that) and my cell size is in km^2.

So far in similar questions I have only seen suggestions of creating a new grid including the new areas, but I didn't find anything about the possibility or impossibility to modify an existing vector grid.

In a nuthsell: is it possible to modify an existing vector grid and extend it? using QGIS 2.18.2 (I'm happy to upgrade if that makes a difference)

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