i need run this code in my nodeJS application:

//Dates of Interest
var start = ee.Date("2014-10-01");
var finish = ee.Date("2018-05-01");

///--------------------- Landsat Collection ---------------------------------------///
var landsat = ee.ImageCollection('LANDSAT/LC08/C01/T1_TOA')
.filterDate(start, finish)

// Year-Month-Day Extract function
function ymdList(imgcol){
    var iter_func = function(image, newlist){
        var date = ee.Number.parse(image.date().format("YYYYMMdd"));
        newlist = ee.List(newlist);
        return ee.List(newlist.add(date).sort())
    return imgcol.iterate(iter_func, ee.List([]));

var ymd = ymdList(landsat);

But I do not know which function to use in place of "print ()", can anyone help me?

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The typical way of logging a value in nodejs is console.log( myValue ). To evaluate a variable that hasn’t been computed yet, which the Earth Engine code editor does automatically when you print, you may want to define your own print function instead:

var print = function (o) {
  if (o instanceof ee.ComputedObject) {
    o = o.getInfo();

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