I am using ESRI JS API 3.24 in my application.

I am using following code to open specific URL within the application when click on the layer.

var lyrUrl = "Path_To_Layer";
var myLyr = new FeatureLayer(lyrUrl, {
 id: "some_id",
 mode: 1,
 outFields: ['ID', 'Name_English']

//Code for the specific URL to open in a new window
myLyr.on("click", function(evt) {
 var enName = myLyr._downGr.attributes.Name_English;
 window.open('main/' + enName + '/index.html');

The issue is that the click event is working fine in chrome, Edge but not in Firefox.

I mean not working is that when click on the layer, the link open in new page/tab but in Firefox, nothing happen at all.

Can someone help me in this?


The click handler works fine for me in Firefox - see this demo - if you click on one of the red points in Firefox the alert shows for me.

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  • Hey @GavinR, its very strange behavior of FF. It seems that now its working fine. Thanks for the answer. – AbdulAziz Jul 10 '18 at 5:46

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