I am trying to find a program or application that would allow co-workers to view maps and various layers produced with QGIS but not have the ability to alter or modify the data. It would be nice to produce something more interactive than just sharing a PDF map, any suggestions of a way to proceed??


Depending on your network environment you could place the data in a folder that has read only permissions for those users and then add the data from that folder to QGIS.


You can publish you map(s) on nextgis.com and give permalink to web-map (explore web-map via browser) or create WMS service (explore map via QGIS, ArcGIS, MapInfo, etc.).

See documentation about publish map using NextGIS Connect plugin, explore web-map and create WMS service.

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You can customise QGIS, so you can remove certain toolbars and menus very easily.

Check out:


So while it would not make the data read only, it would remove all of the tools to edit the data. This in turn also makes it easier for the colleagues to use QGIS as it is a bit simpler.

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