I have 3 databases, each containing vectorial data. I want for each zoom level to fetch the appropriate vectorial data. So I have the following:

"data": {
            "allowed origin": "*",
            "png options": {
                "palette": "/media/hi/styles/example-palette-openstreetmap-mapnik.act"
            "provider": {
                "class": "hi.Goodies.VecTiles:Provider",
                "kwargs": {
                    "dbinfo": {
                        "host": "localhost",
                        "user": "postgres",
                        "database": "database1"
                    "queries": [
                        "SELECT geom AS __geometry__, gid FROM database1"

I want to make another query similar to :

"SELECT geom AS __geometry__, gid FROM database2"

for another zoom level. but I need first to declare database2 in my dbinfo. Is it possible to have this case ?

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