I am performing a least-cost path analysis using ArcMap in an area with high slope variation. I am working with a 0.5x0.5m raster to prevent generalization and elimination of danger slopes. I need a 3m width truck to pass through, but my least-cost path has been observed to squeeze through one cell that is only 0.5m in width. Realistically, this does not work as the least-cost path should be larger than the 0.5m resolution.

I have tried changing my cell size, but again, this would generalize all the danger slopes in the area. I have also tried the Generalization tools such as Boundary Clean, Expand, etc. to expand the danger slopes also.

In the attached image, the problem areas are circled in blue. You can see the least-cost path(black line) squeezing between the danger slopes (pink). Is there a way to specify the width of the least-cost path so it does not pass through areas with less than 3m or 6 cells (0.5m x 6cells = 3m) of desired cost area (orange/green).

enter image description here

  • Use focal statistics max with relevant number of cells (6?) as cost surface. – FelixIP Jul 9 '18 at 23:24

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